Investment Data Migration

by Martin M.MAY 5, 2020

The Challenge

Unlike any other legacy system migration, Investment Data Migration is one of the biggest projects a firm will undertake – Executive Sponsorship is a must and the pain of NOT doing this migration has to be real. To help in this decision you may ask yourself a few key questions:

  • Is your firm at the precipice of being broadley constricted due to lack of accurate information? 
  • Is your staff spending time recalculating critical investment information in Excel? 
  • Are you worried your mission critical systems are being outpaced by new technology
  • Are your clients affected by your firms lack of on-time and accurate reports? 
  • Is your firms operating cost increasing and you are not seeing any added value?
  • Is your current fund adminstrator or investment accounting system incapable of supporting your current business?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these it may be time to consider a re-visit of your internal processes, systems & service providers. 

The Solution

We are experts in making this journey a success for our clients. With a proven track record working with legacy systems specifically from Advent Software and SS&C Technologies©; Axys, APX, GWP, CAMRA, Portia & Geneva World Investor – we can guide your firm in this process. 

We have successfully worked with hundreds of top tier clients, applying a proven and repeatable process on this complex journey.

Our Process

Through a detailed assessment of your current state operating model, we can make various recommendation to align with your business strategy and forward-looking initiatives. Whether you are planning on a point-in-time conversion, historical or both – we have the experts to lead and execute this process. 


Our Expertise

Invest Apex is a Digital Transformation Partner, providing in-depth expertise to financial institutions seeking growth and competitive viability. We focus on pragmatic strategies and solutions that drive successful business results.

  • Experience - Over 50 years in combined experience​ in technology and financial services
  • Focus – Technology strategy and digital transformation of numerous financial services firms 
  • Customers – Implemented at a wide range of financial institutions: PIMCO, GOLDMAN SACHS, CANYON PARTNERS, HOULIHAN LOKEY, ARES CAPITAL