About Us

The senior partners of Invest Apex Solutions came together to solve problems facing legacy enterprise systems. Many businesses who saw great success over the last two to three decades are now facing great risk of remaining viable. Technology is evolving rapidly for businesses, and digitally connecting all aspects of the enterprise with partners and customers. Understanding new challenges and formulating a dynamic strategy that is cost-effective and pragmatic, yet forward-thinking and delivers the best experience for customers, is essential to your organization's success.


Leaders in Transformation

Larry Leonidas

25 Years in Business Transformation

Larry L. is a seasoned Business and Technology Executive with deep experience in business management and digital transformation in the Insurance, Investment Management, Healthcare, Commercial Real Estate, and Information Technology Consulting industries.

In his various leadership roles, which included the role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for an insurance company and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a consulting group, Larry was responsible for establishing and directing enterprise level policies and procedures, and driving business growth through transformation of systems and processes. He also oversaw mission critical systems and operations, responding to regulatory audits, acquisition related due diligence efforts, and annual compliance processes.  

Ragav Gopalan

18 Years in Data and Analytics Transformation

Ragav G. has a wealth of knowledge in global technology management from his experience in Media and Entertainment, Consumer Product, Retail, Real Estate, and BPO companies, ranging in size from early-stage to Fortune 100. He is a passionate technology leader with an extensive record of success in technology and operations management, architecture, product development, and user experience (UX) design. 

Ragav is also highly successful in creating vision, identifying opportunities, and effectively implementing innovative solutions. He has helped improve Data Analytics, Data Engineering, Data Governance, Master Data Management, Data Quality, and Reporting solutions for large scale organizations such as 20th Century Fox, Walt Disney Studios, BMC, Capital One, Petco and Westfield.  

Michael McCarty

25 Years in Enterprise Transformation

Michael M. is a technologically advanced leader in Information Technology with vast experience in Cloud Architecture, Technical Project Management, and Full Stack Development. His experience spans across the Healthcare IT, eCommerce, Fintech, and Mobile Application industries. 

Michael has served as a startup CTO and professional consultant leading cross functional teams with a high level of integrity and technology competence. He is an expert at integrating emerging technologies while also highly creative in solving complex problems. Michael has completed successful projects for well know corporations such as Blue Shield of California, Kaiser Permanente, SCAN Health Plan, Microsoft, Apple, Best Buy, and Intuit.

Mark Squire

25 Years in Enterprise Transformation

Mark Squire has been a leader in security for 20 years and has worked in diverse environments such as startups, fortune 500 insurance/financial companies, manufacturing and boutique industries.  Experience includes Risk, Vulnerability, Compliance, Assessment Management, Penetration Testing, Perimeter Intrusion Prevention, Digital Leak Protection, Security Awareness Training & Communication, Insider Threat Mitigation, Security Policies, Processes & Standards, and Incident Response & Countermeasures, Vendor Compliance.

Greg Anderson

35 Years in Management and Strategy

Greg Anderson has been a healthcare partner at both Deloitte Consulting and Accenture (formerly Andersen Consulting) and had his own independent firm with two other partners, Top Tier Consulting, for 12 years. He brings a passionate focus to assisting his clients with understanding and learning what AI is today – and what it is not. He remains equally focused providing multi-competency consulting services to clients, utilizing a multi-disciplinary approach, as he has been doing for the past 35 years. At Apex AI Health and through Apex Healthcare Consulting, his team will deliver services to providers, payers, life sciences and medical device companies, and third parties who provide products or services to the healthcare industry. 

Nickolas Raker

20 Years in Healthcare Transformation

Nickolas Raker brings 20 years of healthcare IT experience to complement his strategy and management consulting expertise, thereby assisting clients with the design and integration of AI solutions. With extensive knowledge in globally leading EHR platforms, Mr. Raker is highly skilled in integrating non-EHR clinical and medical specialty systems. Moreover, he specializes in cybersecurity, focusing on the security challenges faced by healthcare professionals and employees within healthcare institutions. Having founded three start-ups, Mr. Raker offers a profound entrepreneurial perspective when developing strategies and solutions for his clients. Like his colleague, he exudes enthusiastic energy in assisting clients in comprehending the current state of AI and its limitations.